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  Pasty  Boat Ride Scotty Boat Ride Sport and Swimwear  
Jamaican  and
UK  Link Up
Lucky British
Boat Ride
Maureen Dance New York Link Up Peppa Pot
Chaka Flava 2009 Don & Diva 2009 Elisha Birthday Flawless Jagga B 2009
Black & White
Atlanta 2008
Boat Ride LA 2008 Breast Affair
Flamingo Club
Bridgeport CT 2008 Canadian Splash
Angela Striker 2008 Flipa  Mafia Dance Shadow Party NJ Sherlock All White Tracy Champion 2008
DHQ 2008 Lady Rose Naughty to Nice Money Tuesday Pimp and Hookers
Half Naked Annette Dance Club Boston Party Aidonia Nakia Beachwear
FADA Famous Jamaican Independence Color Affair Mappy and Ganster Boxa Hype

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